More Drawings!

8 February 2019

I was looking at an email this morning from a company that produces photo realistic architectural renderings. I think it would be hard to tell that their drawings were in fact not photography if one didn’t already know that they were not. Although there is a cost involved certainly this represents a huge benefit to building owners. It is another great tool that any architect has at hand.

Such illustrations do however take a certain human warmth away from a design presentation. As I came up through architecture school I fell in love with the process and craft of hand drawings. In doing sketches and illustrations by hand there is both a standard of accuracy to be maintained and an opportunity for personal expression. Hand drawings can become a signature of sorts and I still love making them for my clients!

I recently made this drawing (pigment liner, gray markers and white pencil on Strathmore pastel paper) along with others of a first floor and kitchen remodeling to demonstrate my design concept to a new client. I am pleased to say that they loved the design and the drawing(s) and the project is now under construction!