Drawings: AMC Pacer

While thinking about drawings I’ve made over the last 30 years to include in this drawing series, I came across a sketchbook that had this imaginary street scene in it (pencil on sketch paper).

The drawing is dated May, 1992 and was done simply for the pleasure of it. A car that looks something like an AMC Pacer is zipping along on the wrong side of the road headed towards a 50’s science fiction space craft crashed behind a hedge…? It was not inspired by anything in particular – other than growing up watching a lot of 50’s science fiction movies on the tube.

A lot can be accomplished with just a #2 pencil and a pink eraser. Chris Van Allsburgh, the wonderful illustrator and author of books for children  (Jumanji, The Polar Express and many others) makes remarkably precise and expressive drawings with what appears to be graphite pencil on white paper. I love the idea of creating such great drama in an image using very simple tools!

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