Interior Remodel

21 October 2022 A few weeks ago I published a pencil illustration of a back porch addition. This is a design presentation drawing of the interior portion of that same remodeling project, specifically of a new proposed relocated kitchen. (#2 pencil on white tracing paper). Pencil drawings like this are fairly quick to make and I love seeing some of …

rear porch design drawing

This is another one of my recent design drawings (ink liners,pastels and colored pencils on yellow trace paper). The project was an open covered porch addition to a house here in Cincinnati.  Love the idea of a deep purple painted wood porch up against a buff colored brick house. Happy September!

Kitchen Design Drawings

  August 22, 2022   Sometimes it is useful while making a design presentation to a client to present a floor plan and a perspective view side by side. This drawing, (ink liners, graphite pencil and colored pencils on yellow trace paper) describes a recent project, a whole house remodeling in Washington DC. Peace!  

Urban Ag Learning Center Under Construction

August 14 2019 Last year I designed a solar greenhouse for a great local non-profit organization: Lighthouse Youth and Family Services ( The greenhouse is to be used and maintained by students at the Lighthouse Community School and will allow the students to continue learning about sustainable agricultural techniques throughout the winter months. Thanks to a generous grant from Impact 100 ( and the …

April Drawing

24 April 2019 This month’s drawing depicts a proposed addition to a house near Cincinnati (pigment liner, gray markers, graphite pencils and pencil eraser on white trace paper). This was done as part of a series to explain a proposed design concept to a client. The challenge here was designing a kitchen and dining room addition that would contrast in …